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Meditations, Workshops and Consultations on demand

Germany: October 2nd until October 26. Gwen is available for Workshops and Consultations


Born in the Black Forest in the Southwest of Germany, spirituality, art and nature were main influences in my life from early on.
Religion was never a set of rules but a way to live and to experience a wider reality; it enriched the year with beautiful celebrations.
Nature has been a place to enjoy and to be with myself. It is giving me the space to digest life, heal and recharge myself. Its beauty never ceases to amaze me and to inspire my art.
Art has always been a way to express and digest my feelings, a medium to create beauty and a play- and exerciseground for my creativity that I use in all parts of my life.

It has always been the light and loving side of religion that seemed to be in accord with my being. In the eighties I discovered Karlfried Graf Durckheims Initiatische Therapy and Zen-Buddhism. I became an art therapist especially trained in techniques developped in Durckheims center.

Since then I have studied and practiced with many spiritual teachers of many traditions. Especially my work with the International Sufiorder and Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan over many years was very forming and nurturing for my being.

In Chris Griscom I found the teacher who has brought the therapeutic and spiritual parts very powerfully together and who set me off to be my own teacher in following my Higher Self’s Wisdom. The tools that she and the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness developed are very important in my work with people in groups and one on one.
Special emphasis lies here on the work with healers. We so often forget to take care of ourselves. In my workshops I teach very powerful tools that are important for the everyday healing work.