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galisteo viewPhotos: Gwen Feisst
Galisteo January 2012

One Day Workshops

A Date with Yourself
10am - 4pm

riverheartExperience the quiet beauty and very special energy of Galisteo and use it to nourish your being in this retreat from your daily life.

Take time to reconnect with yourself and explore who you are now.
What is in the way of your loving relationship with yourself?
How can you improve the communication with your body, with your heart and your emotional body, with your mind and mental body and with your Higher Self and spiritual body and how can they all come into harmony and balance with each other so that your life can be successful and happy?

We will explore these questions with joy and playfulness.
We will meditate and use the Exercises in Consciousness to release whatever doesn't serve us anymore, and we will reconnect with the potential inside of us. We will move our bodies and listen to their stories; we will write and draw; breath and sing and walk in the beauty of Galisteo enjoying our connection with ourselves and the world around us.

There will be a simple lunch.

The fee for this event is $ 75.-