Gwendolina Feisst

Saturday, January 11
"The Beauty of Love"
One Day workshop in Galisteo

Saturday February 22
"A Valentin's Date with Yourself"- One Day Workshop in Galisteo


Today spirituality is about the way we live our daily lives.
To be able to do this meaningfully, we need time to rest, to nurture ourselves and to reconnect with what is important to us.

Retreatdays will be time spend in nature and in the meditation sphere. We will listen into ourselves, we will dance, move, paint, create, express our inner knowledge and feeling. We will work with Exercises in Consciousness, we will share who we are and we will spend time in silence, meditating.
We will reconnect with the child inside of us, the wisest being we will ever meet, the one who carries all the potential inside of us.

Retreatdays happen on a regular basis in Galisteo, NM, USA or
wherever you and a group of people are coming together and would like me to share this with you.

Retreatdays in Galisteo are once a month on Thursdays from 9am til 2pm and on Saturdays from 10am till 4pm.