Art - Stories


The Song

In her head she heard Dido sing “Thank You”, the song she loved
ever since she heard it for the first time, the song that was connected to
that Sunday of pain when she listened to that song over and over again.
It felt like a mantra meant to calm and support her being.

The other woman was standing there.
Her hair was like a toy in the wind, one almost couldn’t see her face.
And then it seeemed totally naked, like a star with a golden tail.

His hand was big. He was a tall man. He looked around like a native
searching for familiar signs. Could he recognize something in the emptiness of the desert?
Didn’t he say that he was living in some big city?
His big heavy hand still lay on her shoulder - she didn’t know why -
like a warm animal she would have liked to pet.
Nobody said a word.
Only the wind was roaring and the sand felt like needles in their faces.
They looked around. They looked at each other.
Suddenly there was the smile.

She couldn’t say who started to smile but they smiled at each other
and she felt so warm so protected, so happy.
She wanted to spread her arms like wings.
She wanted to fly with the wind high, high and she wanted to play with the others.
She wanted to run and jump, to hug and roll with them.
Did they feel that too? Her body was vibrating.
She felt so powerful, so happy about her feeling her strength
which the storm showed her, trying to take her with it.

And then all of a sudden he started to move with the wind.
Slowly with an intense gentleness he moved his tall body.
She watched the big hands flying like birds, wonderful nimble movements.
Her hands started to spread too, they moved.
She couldn’t keep them away from his and their hands flew around each other.
The woman with the golden hair watched them carefully
and suddenly her hands started moving and another two birds joined the flock.
They flew faster and faster, forming and transforming,
up and down and up and down, gliding round and round,
chasing each other, following the motion, attracting and repelling
and then again in harmony swinging around each other.

Somebody fell into the sand. The others followed.
Lying there they tried to protect their eyes and noses from the sand storm.
Their bodies touched each other.
The energy was still flowing between them.
The sand was warm from the hot sunny day
and they felt safe and warm, nourished and carried by the earth.
And then suddenly the storm was over.
It was very quiet.
It was dark.
She sat up and felt the others do the same.
They came close together, holding and warming each other.
Like a ball of warmth in the coldness of the night.
Like a pond of loving energy in the emptiness of the desert.
Like a new cell, merged and ready to multiply
and grow a new galaxy of light, love, joy and gentleness.

Dido was walking in the middle of New York City.
The traffic was enormous at this time of a day.
Suddenly she felt a warm wind touching her softly
and she heard the noise of leaves in the wind.
She stopped.
She realized there was a big tree
and his leaves were moving in the wind reflecting the sunlight.
And there were these birds,
flying around each other like children playing.
She sensed this amazing warm feeling inside of her
and the smile that was all of a sudden on everybody’s faces.
Her song “Thank You” came into her mind
and she realized that she would write a new song.