"In the work I have done with Gwen Feisst, I have experienced wonderful healings on different levels.
For over 25 years, possibly longer, I have had so much pain. Pain that didn't seem to have any varifiable source. I've never had a broken bone, do not have advanced arthritis, or anything like that. I was finally diagnosed several years ago with fybromyalgia - by a very wonderful and inciteful doctor. He knew how to treat it and I began the regimen of taking Requip.
After a few years, I decided to forego the medicine, and try to live with the discomforts.
After I began my work with Gwen, first came peace of mind - peace of mind which I had never experienced before. At the time my family was going through a crisis of unbelievable emotional pain. I couldn't see my way clear through the quagmire, could barely function - was just able to do the minimum I had to do, and sometimes not even then.
I began consulting with Gwen, and slowly things began to lift. Vestiges of grief over my father's death when I was 10 (I am now 57) came out and were balanced and released.
I had done grief work, releasing techniques, all sorts of things, but the deep grief in my cells and tissue was still there. After my first session, it was released and now I can only smile - in my heart as well as on my face - when I think of my father. He lays a mantle of loving lavendar down upon me and I am at peace.
One day I noticed, I no longer had pain with every movement. I had lived with it for so long, it seemed an inconvenient friend that would not go away, and suddenly I realized - I'm not in pain! There was no other reason for this. I had not changed anything, any regimen - except I had began this wonderful work.
After about the 3rd session, a deep sense of peace, of knowingness that we would all be fine, and not only that, but a sense of peace in life in general, came over me.
The change was profound. Life continues to be cylical, of course. That is life, but the cycles do not affect me so deeply now. I am able to take life NOT so personally all the time, although, of course, that is an ongoing challenge for us all. But - I can say without a doubt or pause - my life has been greatly enriched and soothed by the work I have done with Gwen. I cannot imagine how I would have steered my way through the density of the last 10 months without this work. I have healed family rifts from my past, suspended judgement of mundane and often not-so-mundane acts, been able to view myself, my family and mankind through a different set of lenses.
To be fair, I have also had tremendous support from friends, fellow healers and those closest to me, but the energy work with Gwen has been the catalyst and the healing balm I so needed to pull all my strengths together and to go forward with energy, knowingness and as I said, a peace. Our journeys are always cyclical. There will still be hours for me that are difficult - but not Days when I can't move or just try to breathe. I understand that. But my days and hours are so much better, richer, and peacefull now. Thank you, Gwen. Thank you. Your work is vital.

Patti G., New Mexico