"We really are performing a miracle. If I can perform a miracle, why should I ever be afraid to do anything?
It's beautiful while the fire is burning, so peaceful. We can hear coyotes, geese, peacocks, and other animals throughout the evening. The people who walk with me are my fire sisters and brothers. I use the practices and lessons we learn at the firewalks in my daily life. I can't tell you how valuable it's been to me to easily access my Higher Self whenever I want or need to."


Workshops -
Firewalking and Boardbreaking

In these workshops we connect with the spiritual part of our being. In the same way that our being needs food to sustain our physical body and mental challenge to keep our mind alive, we need spiritual experience so that our soul can be healthy and nurtured.
Especially in working with other people we need to know how to stay in our center and how to digets whatever get's triggert in ourselves.
In these workshops we explore this field and learn simple techniques, exercises and wisdom that take care of our soul, harmonize the different aspects of our being, expand our consciousness and show us that we are limitless lightbeings.

Very powerful demonstrations of our true nature are firewalks and the breaking of boards with our bare hands.
With a clear intention even very old people or children can easily break the board or walk unharmed over glowing coals. The experience of breaking through is very deeply touching and transforming.
You can’t explain why the glowing coals don’t hurt your feet.
You can just allow your body to protect itself and with the clear intention walk unharmed over coals that would burn any dead piece of meat in seconds.
Everytime there is the fear of burning and the deep ecstatic joy of doing it never the less and being unharmed. Our lives are changed forever.
Over four years I was trained to lead firewalking workshops, I have been teaching since 2004.