Photo: Chuck Lange

Exercises in Consciousness

In my work one on one with people many influences come together.
I creatively choose whatever tool in my toolbox is needed for the situation and the person I am with.
It has always been very important to me to create a space in which whoever is with me feels safe and can open up to the wisdom that lies whithin themselves.
I love to work with the Exercises in Consciousness that Chris Griscom and the Nizhoni School for Global Consciousness developed. They are wonderful tools that allow us to discover the connection between difficulties that we have now and their origin in our past. Going to the root of the theme enables us to free ourselves from old memories, emotions, thought-forms and conclusions. We release those energies from the mind of the cell.
In the same way we connect with positive experiences and qualities that are also stored in the mind of our cells. Activating them allows us to experience ourselves as the powerful beings we all are and we are then free to choose how we want to respond to every situation in our lives.
The Exercises in Consciousness are also tools that we can learn to use in our daily lives to respond to the issues that we are confronted with. We consciously choose who we want to be.